Welcome to Swedish Volvo FH16 Club

Swedish Volvo FH16 Club is a club for owners of Volvo FH16 on the Swedish market.

The main purpose is to create a stronger feeling of belonging and identity vs Volvo and to add value to owning a Volvo FH16.
For practical reasons the club is built as an independent nonprofit association, with statues, a board and great member influence.

Our events are supported by Volvo Lastvagnar Norden, but we also see a growing interest from other professionals.

An important part of the club is meeting like-minded colleagues to discuss common joys and problems. Volvo considers the club a good reference and a great forum for developing FH16.

But the main purpose of this club is:

Having fun!

Welcome to the D16- and F16-manifestation at the Trailer Trucking Festival 2017!

Thirty years ago, Volvo Trucks first presented the D16 engine and F16-model to the world. That calls for a grand celebration at the Trailer Trucking Festival 25th-26th of August at Mantorp Park, Sweden.This time I hope to see 100 trucks at the Swedish FH16 club’s manifestation!

Just like two years ago, we wish to gather as many FH16 and F16 as possible at the festival to showcase our beauties and everything they are used for - and I definitely want to se you there!

The FH16 club will have its own exhibition space, served for everyone that owns a Volvo with a 16-liter engine. We might even hit a world record?! I know that you, as well as I, would have truly enjoyed that!

On the friday evening, the FH16 club and its partners will host a dinner party where guests can enjoy something to eat and drink. Members of the club can use the basic camping facilities at Mantorp Park. Entrance tickets are at your own expense but showcasing your truck at our exhibition space will not cost you anything. So welcome to demonstrate the power of the Volvo 16 -liter engine at Mantorp Park!

Volvo High Mileage Award

Trucks live a tough life to faithfully deliver each day, year after year. To celebrate the trucks that have rolled more than 1 500 000 km, Volvo Trucks has initiated a special prize just for them. Do you own a high mileage truck and are bringing it to the event? Please specify this when submitting the form.


Volvo Trucks are assisting the FH16 club with the administrationen prior to the event and you sign up at volvotrucks.se/mantorp. Please submit your notice no later than June 30th.

Kind regards,

Boije Ovebrink

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